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Knockout City Season 9 will be its last, with servers shutting down on June 6



In a somewhat surprising announcement, it looks like the days of dodge-brawler Knockout City are numbered after developer Waylon Studios revealed that Season 9 of the F2P multiplayer will be the game’s last. The servers will shut down on June 6, but game director Jeremy Russo says there’s still a lot to look forward to before then.

In a refreshingly candid video, Russo reflects on how much the team has learned during development but, sadly, the studio is struggling to deliver updates that sustain a viable player base. will keep Season 9 will be the last of Knockout City, launching on February 28. We enjoyed the game so much, it even gave it a slot on our Game of the Year list for 2021.

Still, Rousseau remains optimistic and looks forward to what lies ahead. Meanwhile, Waylon Studios plans to ship the game in style, with several updates, giveaways, tournaments, and even an offline version of the game so you can still play Knockout City, albeit a limited one. in form

Are you surprised by this announcement? Will you jump into Knockout City before the lights go out for good? Try to dodge a wrench in the comments section below.


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