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Lead Disco Elysium Devs ‘Unintentional’ Left Studio ZA/UM, Sequel Still In The Works



Key members of ZA/UM, the studio responsible for the epic narrative RPG Disco Elysium, have “involuntarily” left the company, it has been announced. The news comes to us via Martin Luiga, an editor who worked on Disco Elysium and assembled the core team that would eventually produce the game, in a post over moderate. Luiga also announced the dissolution of the ZA/UM Cultural Association, not to be confused with the Studio itself.

According to Luiga, lead writer and designer Robert Kurwitz, writer Helen Hindpere, and art and design lead Alexander Rostov “have not been working at ZA/UM since the end of last year and their departures were involuntary.”

As anyone who’s played Disco Elysium knows, the writing and art direction define the game experience, and this departure feels particularly poignant. Kurwitz claims to have developed the fictional world of Disco Elysium as a teenager and has written a book (in Estonian, not yet available in English) called Sacred and Terrible Air, set in the same universe. has gone

However, it may not be all doom and gloom, as such Luiga elaborated in a reply on Twitter.

The reasons for the departure remain unclear, however Luiga suggests a difference between creatives and “money people”. Could be the reason, which is the most disco Elysium thing ever.

What do you think about this whole situation? Are you a fan of Disco Elysium? Are you hopeful for the future of the series? Sing a sad, slow song in the comments section below.


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