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Lego 2K Drive draws a halo infinite, no time-bound season



LEGO 2K Drive is borrowing one of the few things Hello infinity The live service model gone right: seasonal content without time limits. 2K Games has announced that the Open Zone racing game will support four seasons of content in the Drive Pass — with free and premium tiers available — but unlike a normal Battle Pass, you’ll have to top rank in a specific way. No need to reach the date You can freely come and go from LEGO 2K Drive as you please and always have that reward chain waiting for you.

This eliminates the need to grind out a Battle Pass before a certain date, and also means you shouldn’t feel the need to spend more money on unlocking right away. The Battle Pass concept will always have its critics, but it’s at least a much better and fairer implementation than what’s seen in other Live Service games.

A press release explains: “LEGO 2K Drive’s Drive Pass seasons have no time limits, so you can pick up and play each available season at your own pace, and if you’re playing through the free version of a season and decide When you upgrade to Premium Drive Pass, you’ll instantly unlock all the premium rewards you’ve earned based on your current level.”

LEGO 2K Drive 2

The first season begins in June, and each of the four adds new challenges to complete across 100 levels. A set of free rewards will rotate from season to season, including “new drivers, stickers, flares, sounds, and more.” If you want to earn more, the Premium Drive Pass gives you even more rewards like cars from Dodge and Nissan. In addition, a press release teases a new biome will be added to the game within a year after launch for free.

After one season, a second gets the green light this fall, a third in the winter, and then a fourth in spring next year. The base game will launch later this month on 19 May 2023 for PS5, PS4. Will you stick with LEGO 2K Drive for a long time? Build your own engine in the comments below.


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