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LEGO’s Mario Kart inspired arcade racer will be revealed this week



Image: Push square

Update: It seems the scale of the leak was too big for LEGO to ignore, and it’s effectively confirmed that 2K Sports Arcade Kart Racer LEGO 2K Drive will be officially revealed later this week. You can look forward to the trailer debuting on March 23. Meanwhile, this skit poking fun at all the leaks is hilarious.

Original article: We do not get access to mario kart games on the PlayStation, but in our humble opinion Sumo Digital’s excellent Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed is the closest rival to Nintendo’s seminal series. LEGO 2K Drive, a release that Seems to have leaked over the weekendIt seems building At the same type of energy.

Despite being billed as open world, the screenshots – which we won’t republish here for obvious reasons – show multifaceted races, where you’ll be commanding cars, boats and ships – all made out of LEGO. The images feature many different themes, including a swamp, a freeway and a haunted house. To be honest, it all seems pleasant.

The game is set to be one of several LEGO-themed sports games from 2K Sports, with a soccer release also reportedly in production. It’s part of a major shakeup at the Danish brick maker, which will see it expand its portfolio beyond the obligatory licensed tie-ins like LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Harry Potter. (Though another one of the latter is reportedly on the way, too.)

To be honest, the selection of arcade racers available on PS5 and PS4 these days is pretty pathetic, so we’re definitely open to the possibility of this LEGO-inspired racer. With Disney Speedstorm, the future is probably looking a little brighter on this front – all we need now is for Sony to greenlight another ModNation Racers, and we’ll be set for the next generation.


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