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Like a dragon: Isshin! There is a possibility of a demo on the PS store tomorrow



Like a dragon: Isshin! The combat-focused demo looks set to hit PS Store PS5 tomorrow, except for any funny business on PS4. Twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia has taken a pre-release tester on the Microsoft Store backend, suggesting that a release on PSN is also on the way. Its size is said to be 2.94GB and it will be out on February 16, 2023.

This is just a day before the Early Access version of the game releases, bundled with the Digital Deluxe Edition for an extra £5/$5. You also get loads of armor sets and resource bundles along with the previous launch date. Normal version comes out on February 21, 2023 for PS5, PS4. We will be sure to update you as news of this demo becomes public.

A full PS5 review is on its way from Push Square, but we’ve already shared some first impressions based on a preview event last month. “What’s drawing us to Like a Dragon: It’s currently the series’ most unique mix of serious and silly; like its immediate peers, the game ranges from recklessly dense political drama to outright tomfoolery. watching. That period garb only adds to the ridiculousness of it all,” we explained.


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