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Like a dragon showcase announced for June



SEGA and yakuza As a Dragon developer RGG Studio has announced that they will be hosting a presentation next month, on June 15th. Adding to an already incredibly busy time for the industry — thanks to Summer Game Fest and a stacked release schedule — the ‘RGG Summit’ will no doubt give us a look at upcoming titles like Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Owns Deletes the name. And, potentially, like a Dragon 8.

Gaiden is still slated for a 2023 launch, so a confirmed release date with a gameplay deep dive seems likely. Meanwhile, Like a Dragon 8 has received but a short teaser to this point, so more info it can Being on the cards.

The only problem – at least for us here in the UK and the rest of Europe – is that the showcase will start at 12 PM JST, which is the equivalent of 4 AM UK time and 5 AM Central European time (technically a day later, 16 June). It is more appropriate in the United States at 11 PM Eastern and 8 PM Pacific.

Still, it should be a good show, and we plan to have it covered, just for you.

Are you looking forward to this newly announced presentation? Wonder what’s next for Kazuma Kiryu in the comments section below.


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