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Madden NFL 24 Makes Players More Physically Correct on PS5, Revives Superstar Mode



EA Sports has brought out all the buzzwords for the announcement of Madden NFL 24, which has now been officially confirmed to release worldwide on August 18, with three days of early access for those who purchase the more expensive Deluxe Edition. is with period. This year’s game will once again improve upon the FieldSENSE technology featured in Madden NFL 23, but will also include SAPIEN on PS5, which promises “new anatomically accurate NFL player skeletons.” Next-gen platforms will also have crossplay.

The pillars of the game include iterations on its predecessor’s skill-based passing and hit-everything philosophy, but the publisher says it has also improved the fundamentals of football, resulting in better AI decision-making. The game is also reintroducing an old favorite, Superstar, which will allow you to “build your legacy” with a custom avatar and progress up to “99 OVR from Combine to Draft Pick.”

A new multiplayer option called Superstar Showdown will expand upon the mode’s relaunch, where you’ll be able to play against and alongside friends in 3v3 matches. It should be noted that Superstar and its associated features only Being available on PS5; Those of you still playing on PS4 will be stuck with Faces of the Franchise and The Yard, which will likely be re-skinned versions of last year’s modes.


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