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Man of Maiden, Little Hope PS5 versions are available to download now



Supermassive Games has released updates for the first two entries in The Dark Pictures Anthology which sees the entire series now natively playable on PS5. Man of Maiden and Little Hope now have original PS5 versions, and here they are Free PS4 to PS5 upgrade For those who already own them. Unfortunately, the digital copy of Man of Maiden was acquired by PS Plus essential Writing time is not counted.

A press release doesn’t mention whether the resolution or frame rate of the two titles has been improved, but you can expect new difficulty options and QTE alerts, an improved UI, updated bearing art and event triggers, and faster running. Expect speed. There are more accessibility options, including the ability to resize subtitles.

Most interestingly, however, Man of Mean is being treated to a new ending. In a new chapter called Flooded, there will be new gameplay sequences and deaths to experience. Each title also has another trophy list to work through.

The updates mean that every installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology can now play natively on PS5, with third entry House of Ashes launching on Sony’s latest machine from day one. The franchise’s season one finale, The Devil In Me, will release on November 18, 2022. Will you go back for another playthrough on Man of Maiden and Little Hope? Let us know in the comments below.


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