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Meet Your Maker PS5 will continue to expand beyond its PS Plus launch on PS4



This will be followed by a whole new set of mods and augments, expanding the release’s already huge creative potential. “Builders will suddenly have new ways to influence their traps and guards, giving them even more control over their setups and combos to outwit raiders,” the blurb notes. “For raiders, just when they think they’ve got things figured out, they have more challenges to overcome.” All of these unlocks will be in-game.

And then finally, at the beginning of June 2023, the release will receive its first major expansion: Dreadshore. “For starters, a new environment and a new deco pack will be immediately available for free to all players as soon as the update is released. The environment introduces a new realm of Meet Your Maker’s post-apocalyptic world where players will be able to construct using a new sector-themed set of building blocks designed to create an entirely different style of outpost.”

This new content will be complemented by a range of new weapons, tools, traps and enemies – all with unique modes and features. You’ll be able to unlock these in-game, or purchase them right away PS Store. And just to round things off, another cosmetic collection will also be available for purchase from Sony’s storefront.

So not everything is microtransaction, and it looks like there will actually be a lot of new stuff to unlock through natural gameplay. Behavior Interactive is also keen to stress that, despite the long-tail support, it will be a full game at launch: “When it comes to adding content to Meet Your Maker, things are fresh, always. It is our mission to keep changing, and always unexpected. “


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