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Milestone announced Ride 5, its first new-gen game, will be released this August



The first sign that the end of the world is upon us will be that Milestone will stop making games about motorcycles. It has three or four annual series, which are related to racing on two wheels. Hot Wheels Unleashed was kind of an incoherent aberration, but hey, we’re back on track now. The studio’s latest game is Ride 5, which is due out on August 24, 2023.

This new installment in the Raid franchise will only be the first milestone game on a new-gen console; In other words, it’s coming to PS5, but not PS4. This will allow the team to explore some high-end technology and produce a more realistic racing sim. The game will feature a dynamic weather system, volumetric clouds, and improved bike physics “in every aspect.”

Ride 5 will feature a complete career, with a narrator commenting on your progress as well as your position against a total of 10 opposing riders. It will also feature split-screen local multiplayer – back by popular demand – and cross-play between the console versions. Finally, the game will allow you to create custom race events and fully customize your motorcycles, suits and helmets.


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