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Mortal Kombat 12 could be primed for the big showcase of PS5, PS4



Rumors of a major PlayStation explosion in May continue to swirl, fueling the flames with some fresh fuel; Some of the biggest names in the video game insider scene think Sony’s next show will feature the legendary fighting franchise. Mortal Kombat 12 was incredibly revealed during a Warner Bros. earnings call.

A veritable rogues gallery of industry insiders, Jeff Grubb, Special Nick and Rand Al ThorAnd Jez Corden All are on record as saying that it will be one thing; In addition, the Official website of the series There was a big improvement in recent weeks (thanks Twisted Voxel).

As always, though, we just have to wait and see, but the signs are all there. Sony is trying Make Mortal Kombat matches a thing on YouTube for a while nowAnd the firm very much wants PlayStation to be understood of Fighting game consoles. Add to that Sony and Warner Bros. (collaborating on marketing campaigns for both Hogwarts Legacy and Suicide Squad), and there seems to be something going on.

When do you think we’ll see the inevitable sequel to Mortal Kombat 11? Take your scores and prepare to fight in the comments section below.


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