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Most PlayStation fans aren’t quite sold on the PS5 Remote Play handheld



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One of the biggest news stories this week centers around Sony’s alleged plans to release a new PlayStation handheld. It sounds exciting when you write it that way, but expectations were quickly adjusted upon the realization that the device would be – again, allegedly – ​​dedicated to the PS5. Remote play.

Naturally, we wanted to get your thoughts on this topic, and so we published a Talking points, is very much inviting you to share your thoughts on a potential remote play system. Our included poll asked a simple question: “Would you be interested in a PS5 Remote Play handheld from Sony?”

The results were actually fairly distributed, but most obviously aren’t sold on a portable machine that’s built around remote play. 28% of users said they “don’t really see the point” and 22% said they “couldn’t care less”. Another 21% said they would need “too much information” before making a decision. More than 2,300 votes were cast.

PS5 Remote Play Pole 1
Image: Push square

Interestingly, in our second poll, only 23% of readers said they use Remote Play on a regular basis. 38% said they had tried it “once or twice,” and another 38% admitted they had never used it.

PS5 Remote Play Pole 2
Image: Push square

These results clearly beg the question: Is there even a viable market for a remote play handheld from Sony? Especially when so many devices are already supported? As we said in our talking point above, we imagine this rumored system will target the PS5’s hardcore audience as yet another fairly expensive accessory.

So, where do you stand on all this? Make sure you have got a high speed internet connection in the comment section below.


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