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Naughty Dog gave the PS5 some love in the Last of Us: Part I patch



Don’t worry, PS5 owners: Naughty Dog hasn’t completely forgotten about you yet as it tries to fix The Last of Us: Part I on PC. The developer today Add a patch for the PS5 version of the remake which adds new content based on the HBO TV adaptation, fixes some bugs, and improves accessibility features. Update 1.03 is now available for download on PS5.

Of most interest to current owners is a set of new, unlockable t-shirts for Ally to wear in the campaign. This has been a popular way to add some fun customization to the Naughty Dog experience, and now she can create tops themed around. wire And Mortal Kombat II. of course, wire is a popular TV series produced by HBO while an arcade cabinet based on the latter’s features in the company’s adaptation of The Last of Us. In the game, Naughty Dog couldn’t use the original IP and it’s called The Turning when you get to the arcade on the left.

Elsewhere, patch 1.03 makes another round of bug fixes and a post-launch pass on accessibility options, which were already industry-leading when the remake debuted last year. Navigation Assistance’s target placement has been improved, button prompts have been fixed, and other collectibles should now be highlighted in high contrast mode. The screen reader will now also read sub-chapter names where it sometimes didn’t before.


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