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NBA 2K23’s MyCareer City on PS5 is short and quick to navigate



Although this writer was initially enamored with NBA 2K22’s sprawling sandbox city, it became increasingly difficult to navigate over time. The sheer scale of the setting meant you spent minutes at a time navigating from side to side without actually shooting any hoops. For the upcoming NBA 2K23, publisher 2K Sports is taking feedback to heart – and proving that bigger isn’t always better (as long as you’re playing center)!

“The city in NBA 2K23 is about 30 percent smaller than what you’ll walk through in NBA 2K22,” a new Courtside Report reveals “This allows for a tighter, more meaningful city with fewer unused buildings that serve to increase distances between floors.” There will also be fast travel with zero loading, and pressing R1 at any time will show you the nearest teleportation point.

This year’s online sandbox overall looks more like a purge than a revolution. Affiliation hubs have been given a great thematic makeover, with North Side Knights playing inside a high fantasy castle and animals in the middle of a volcano. Then there’s Block, which brings together major destinations like REC and Pro-Am.

One particularly interesting improvement is the theater, which iterates on the matchmaking warehouses from the previous game. There will now be a rotating pool of game types, with new experimental modes introduced every week. There will also be a rookie playlist at launch, rated under 75 for newcomers to find their feet.

Finally, the Arena is a new area that will tie MyCareer matches even more closely to City. You’ll enter through the Players Only door, and have a chance to show off your swag before hitting the court, then enter the Media Mix Zone to evaluate your performance afterward. Hopefully it won’t be too repetitive, but we like the concept.

You can learn a lot more in Courtside Report, but some of the other takeaways include the addition of a Jordan Challenge building to encourage players to try out the new campaign mode. And the Events Building has been given an overhaul to ensure players know when there’s a big occasion in the City. You can preview all the new additions and improvements in the trailer above.


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