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Need for Speed: The Most Wanted Remake is apparently by the voice actor



A remake of Need for Speed: Most Wanted has been publicly outed before any official announcement from EA, if a Just-deleted tweets It has to be believed. Simone Bailey, who plays Sgt. Cross’ partner in the original title said: “Need for Speed: Most Wanted remake is being released in 2024, if you want to find Cross (Dean McKenzie) and his partner (Simone Baillie) in the most wanted like And comment.” Bailey has now removed the post, but him Like Twitter Reveal the responses he interacted with.

While there are actually two games that go by the name Need for Speed: Most Wanted — the first launched on the PS2 in 2005 and the second came out on the PS3 in 2012 — this is the first title Bailey will mention here. Because he didn’t star. In the PS3 version. Getting a remake appears to be an entry fans love so much, and 2020 will mark another remake in the Need for Speed ​​series after Hot Pursuit got the same treatment.

An open world racing game where the police can tail you across large parts of the map, Need for Speed: Most Wanted 15 was about working your way up a ladder of street racers, beating them up and taking their cars. It is considered one of the best installments in the franchise.

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