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Neon White PS5, PS4 versions likely appear on PS Store listings



Neon WhiteThe fast-paced FPS from Donut County designer Ben Esposito is heading to PS5 and PS4 as one PS Store The list has been viewed on the New Zealand marketplace. The game is currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC. A revelation on Game Awards Seems unlikely, but since Sony already has the title in its system, you can be sure these ports are the real deal.

The game is about getting to a destination as quickly as possible, using powers to kill ghosts and create shortcuts. Gameplay moves at lightning speed, with quick restarts and leaderboards to challenge your friends.

It was launched earlier this year to critical acclaim, with A Metacritic A rating of 90. Currently, it costs £19.99/$24.99 on the Nintendo eShop, so expect a similar price on the PS Store. Our sister site Nintendo life awarded Neon White a 9/10 and concluded: “From its brilliant writing, music, and presentation to its intense and satisfying core gameplay, Neon White is one of the most exciting things we’ve played all year, and It’s a game we can do. We don’t look down on ourselves for too long as we try to better our past.”

Will you be taking Neon White for a spin on PS5, PS4? Hit the jump in the comments below.


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