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New Tekken 8 information may be dropping this weekend



The Taken World Tour 2022 arrives this weekend with its Global Finals in Amsterdam — and you know what that (probably) means! Not only are we being treated to a top-notch professional Tekken 7 tournament, we’re going to (again, maybe) get some new information on Tekken 8.

The Tekken team has a long history of dropping news and trailers at the end of major fighting game events, so we’re fully expecting that here. something During this Saturday’s event.

So far, we’ve had a small glimpse of Tekken 8’s gameplay, and we’ve had very few returning characters confirmed, including Jin, Kazuya, King, Paul, Law, Jack, and Lars. We’ve also been teased with June’s return. We can definitely see more character reveals in the very near future, so start placing your bets now.


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