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Oh no, the rumors of a bloody remake are back



Image: Push square

Three things are guaranteed in this life: death, taxes, and the eternal cycle of baseless Bloodborne remake / remaster rumors. It seems to come up every few months without fail, usually churned out by industry ‘insiders’ who don’t know what the word ‘source’ means. And of course, with speculation about an imminent PlayStation Showcase currently rife, it’s no surprise to see Firmsoftware’s essential PS4 title back in the conversation.

All of this current whispering stems from David Jeff, apparently a former PlayStation developer who hosts regular discussions on his YouTube channel. Jeff’s latest show, which aired less than 24 hours ago at the time of writing, is all about PlayStation Showcase rumors and expectations. Seen by Reddit usershugs long long,,, long In the latter half of the video, and in his words, the blood-borne resurrection rumor suggestions that it is actually happening.

Now, to be fair to Jaffe, he doesn’t claim any direct knowledge of the supposed project — but he’s talking about it like it’s real, enough to spark all kinds of fresh speculation online. . Go on Twitter and you’ll find more than a few gaming accounts and ‘insiders’ referencing the show above.

For the record, these Bloodborne remake / remaster rumors have been doing the rounds for years – but there’s never been any real evidence to support them. Would a return to Bloodborne make sense for Sony, who originally published the game? Sure, given its popularity and commercial success, but it’s done eight years Because the action RPG first inspired us with its presence, and this is one long Time to go without any clear indication.

A blood-borne revival isn’t impossible, but these rumors are far less than wishful thinking. Until it actually happens, beware of old blood in the comments section below.


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