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Out today: PSVR2 brings next-gen VR to the masses



Exactly 13 months after its official unveiling, Sony’s new PSVR2 The headset has been officially launched worldwide. Pre-orders weren’t nearly as hard to come by as the PS5, so the next-gen devices should be in plentiful supply if you decide to buy one today. However, the release still represents a big step in the right direction for the VR space, with Sony committed to supporting the peripheral for years to come.

If you want to buy one on launch day, the PSVR2 costs £529.99/$549.99 for the base unit, or you can opt for a bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain for an extra £50/$50. PlayStation Direct Where you would like to order one.

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PlayStation VR2
PSVR2 Horizon Call of the Mountains bundle

Throughout much of February, we’ve been getting our hands on a selection of titles releasing alongside the PSVR2 and headset. We published our PSVR2 review, where we described it as a truly next-gen product. “The PSVR2 improves on all the flaws of its predecessor, while still retaining the positives, like how comfortable it is to wear. The Japanese giant has done an excellent job streamlining the setup process and fine-tuning its input methods. has done, including many headline features. DualSense to deliver an unparalleled visual experience.”

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the device’s killer app at launch, which we awarded a 7/10 in our review and praised for its fun platforming and use of the technology that powers the PSVR2. “[The game] It’s not without its flaws, but it’s hard to imagine a better display of the PSVR2’s capabilities. The core climbing gameplay is executed effectively, and it develops enough over the course of the campaign to be complete.”


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