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Persona 5 Royale surpassed 1 million sales on PS5 and other new platforms



People have been clamoring for Persona 5 to be released on non-PlayStation platforms for what feels like forever, so it’s no surprise to see Persona 5 Royal doing some impressive sales numbers just a month after its re-release. .

The epic RPG has quickly sold over 1 million copies across the PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox series. With the sales numbers already on PS4, Royale now sits at over 3 million units in total.

For years, it felt like Persona 5 would never see the light of day on devices outside of Sony’s stable, but it’s clear that Atlus is no longer the developer and publisher we knew it to be – perhaps thanks to the fact that That parent company SEGA is keen to expand its products to as many platforms as possible these days. It will be interesting to see if the inevitable Persona 6 ends up being a multiplatform project from the start.


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