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Persona creator raises eyebrows with comments on AI art



Image: Push square

So, AI art. That is, art that is created by artificial intelligence. This method has generated quite a heated debate in recent times as AI art has evolved, and has grown dramatically in terms of popularity; Some believe that AI-powered work can strengthen existing projects, while others think it poses a real threat to creativity on many levels.

It’s interesting, then, that video game developers are starting to discuss the often controversial process. And it is Especially Interesting when it’s someone with ties to Persona — one of the most artistically perfected features in gaming.

In a recent interview (as reported by Persona Central), Persona creator Kazuhisa Wada says he is personally interested in the advancement of AI. “I think the technology behind AI illustrations will be very useful in the future. For example, when coming up with rough ideas, an AI can continuously render one idea after another, which an artist might struggle with,” Wada explains.

Before anyone grabs their pitchforks, it’s important to note that Wada is talking about the initial process of creating concept art, rather than using AI to drive the artistic direction of something. He continues: “So I think we can use AI right away, to create initial concepts and ideas. Our art team is talking about wanting to implement AI.”

We can understand where Wada is coming from, at least from a workload standpoint, but we’d be curious to hear what the artist — or artists in particular — have to say on the matter.

Does the implementation of AI art seem inevitable in game development going forward? Would you welcome it, or are you against it? Start planning for the future in the comments section below.


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