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Phantom Liberty boasts the largest budget CDPR has ever allocated to DLC



Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has said that its upcoming paid DLC Phantom Liberty will boast the “biggest budget” the company has ever invested in an expansion.

According to that wccftechwho in turn obtained it from the Polish outlet Parkiet. Importantly, CDPR is meant in terms of dollars invested, not content scope. Considering Phantom Liberty will have Idris Elba on the payroll (not to mention reprising Keanu Reeves), it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that this endeavor will cost a pretty penny.

The Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine is possibly the previous record holder for budget allowance, featuring a 20+ hour story, the beautiful terrain of Toussaint and all the quests and encounters that accompany it, not to mention the mutation system. No, which has done a lot to freshen it up. Core combat mechanics of the game.

Still, CDPR was quick to temper fans’ excitement regarding the scope of the content, with global PR director Radek Grabowski reiterating both Reddit And Twitter That “biggest” means budget, not scope, which isn’t necessarily the same thing. We’d imagine the Polish company is quite wary of overhyping anything Cyberpunk 2077-related for very obvious reasons.

We don’t have anything more specific than just “2023” as a release window, but give us interesting colors. After all, everyone loves a good redemption story. Are you excited by the big budget bump on Phantom Liberty? Let us know your expectations in the comments section below.


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