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Pinball FX PS5, PS4 Adding Two Free Tables, Twilight Zone and Crypt of the Necrodancer Coming



Update: The big Pinball FX update livestream from developer Zen Studios did not disappoint, as it confirmed that a lot of new content is coming to the game. It all starts on April 13th, when two new remastered tables will be available for free: Sorcerer’s Lair and Fish Tales. This increases the number of tables available to each at no cost to a total of three, and the console release will be further enhanced with a tat mode for portrait viewing.

That’s not all that’s being added on April 13, though, as the developer announced a bunch of tables:

  • Crypt of the Necrodancer
  • Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball Pack (Three Tables)
  • The Twilight Zone

The Marvel Pinball Collection 2 Bundle will also be released on April 13, rounding out that entire set in the new game. Then, virtual pinball fans have a lot to look forward to. Which one would you add to your collection?

Original article: We’re not too enamored with Zen Studios’ direction of Pinball FX, but the release is still a veritable treasure trove of virtual pinball, and so there’s still time to iron out the flaws in this latest PS5 and PS4 iteration of the series. Obviously one way to return the goodwill is to release awesome tables, and so we’re excited to see what the Budapest team has in store in the upcoming livestream.


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