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PlayStation boss Jim Ryan called for firm revival interest in indies



For many PlayStation fans, president Jim Ryan has become a pantomime villain. Despite decades of working his way up the corporate ladder and playing a key role in the brand’s European dominance, many attribute the firm’s recent PR failures directly to the CEO — and the recent backlash over abortion rights in the United States. The comments have not helped his public reform. Exactly the image.

Despite all of this, it turns out that Ryan might actually have some good ideas. talked to Sports Industry.Biz, indies publicist Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the president identified the platform holder’s heavy focus on AAA titles during 2018 and 2019, and tasked his team to do something about it. This resulted in a round of hires – and Yoshida switched roles – as the company sought to re-strengthen its relationship with indie developers, under Ryan’s direction.

“PlayStation was known for promoting a lot of indie developers and indie games,” Yoshida said of the PS4’s early days, where the platform holder was the first to promote a selection of indie titles on it. E3 phase “But during 2018 and 2019 the company focused more on the AAA side, and Jim Ryan wanted to change that. He asked the global third-party relations team to plan to revitalize efforts as PlayStation to help indie publishers and indie developers.

Yoshida would eventually switch roles to lead the effort, where he was joined by Double Fine’s Greg Rice, who had effectively lost his job at the studio following its acquisition by Microsoft. The pair then presented their plans to upper-management to improve PlayStation’s position in the indies, and eventually received support from the company to implement their plans.

One thing that Yoshida and his team immediately implemented was the ability to curate the best content and show it to users. “There are so many indie games coming to PlayStation,” observes Yoshida, “we needed to show consumers what games they need to see. Also, when developers make great games, we make sure Maybe they are being promoted.”

We have seen many examples of this PS blog In recent years, Sony would have regular “indie afternoons” dedicated to promoting the biggest and best content. We’d also argue that the platform holder has done a pretty good job of creating top-notch content lately, with titles like Sifu and Stray becoming hugely popular this year — all thanks to targeted marketing by Yoshida’s team. Thank you for

However, there is still a long way to go. Yoshida admits that the company is still working to improve its tools to streamline the submission process, and to ensure that all Games are appropriately advertised – including those not hand-picked by the manufacturer. With strong competition from both Nintendo and Microsoft, we’d argue that the PlayStation isn’t the best place to play indies anymore – but things have definitely improved from where they were at the tail-end of the PS4 generation. And we hope Sony can. Keep moving forward to improve your position in this all-important space.


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