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PlayStation console exclusive Altros stands out with trippy, psychedelic gameplay



Well, you certainly can’t say that this game doesn’t have style. Ultros is a new game, just announced for PS5 and PS4, from a new indie team Haddock. It’s a 2D, exploration-based adventure that grabs your attention right away with its bright and unusual art style (provided by Hotline Miami artist El Huervo).

Playing as the OEG, you crash land on something called a sarcophagus, where the titular evil entity resides. Unfortunately for our heroine, she’s trapped in a black hole’s time loop while on board this unusual place, and she’ll need to explore every nook and cranny to escape and find answers.

The loop plays into the gameplay, as you explore the setting in runs, slowly adding to the puzzle as you discover and fend off threats. You’ll unlock abilities on a permanent skill tree and can influence the environment across runs, so your progress will be felt across runs.

While it’s primarily a platformer, there will be some brawling in the mix, as seen in the trailer. However, when you’re not killing space bugs, you’ll be restoring life to sarcophagi, revealing plants and planting seeds. These plants will have different gameplay effects, helping you learn new skills, complete puzzles and defeat enemies.

We really like the look of the Ultros, and can’t wait to see what it’s all about. Sadly, it won’t be with us until 2024, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. Are you interested in it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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