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PlayStation fans are completely torn on the PS5 Pro



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Ah, the rumored PS5 Pro. Reports of this upgraded console actually kicked into gear a few weeks ago, with claims that a half-step console is already in development and can do A 2024 release window is being targeted.

Naturally, we wanted to know how PlayStation fans felt about it. After all, it feels like the PS5 is only starting to hit its stride after its production cycle has been disrupted and broken by the pandemic. We asked push square Community If 2024 is too soon for a PS5 Pro, and opinions were actually much more divided than we expected.

We ran a poll here on the site asking: “Do you think there will be a PS5 Pro?”, and the result was almost evenly split. 57% said yes, and 43% said no. More than 1400 votes were cast.

PS5 Pro Pol
Image: Push square

However, most fans aren’t sold on the potential PS5 Pro that’s actually slated to launch next year. While 20% believed it would drop in 2024, 37% went with 2025, and another 10% said 2026. 2% pushed to 2027 or later. If so, this is going to be the generation very much Long!

PS5 Pro Pol
Image: Push square

The poll results make for some interesting reading, as they suggest that PlayStation fans are far from completely sold on the potential PS5 Pro. Just assuming the rumors turn out to be true, could we see some reaction to Sony announcing this? We suppose it all depends on how things stand in 2024, but it’s a scenario worth thinking about.

What’s your stance on the PS5 Pro right now? Do you think your opinion would change if that happened? Upgrade in the comments section below.


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