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PlayStation is far ahead of Nintendo, Xbox in terms of brand momentum, Sony says



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Sony’s latest business report is full of impressive-looking figures and graphs, but one page in particular that catches the eye claims that PlayStation as a brand is enjoying much more momentum than its closest competitors.

The graphic itself is based on Sony’s own ‘Global Brand Tracker of Brand Momentum’, but it’s still interesting to see how the Japanese giant perceives the current market. Simply put, it says that the PlayStation is running above ‘Brand B’ (Nintendo) and ‘Brand C’ (Xbox), in terms of “normal speed”. This is believed to reflect hardware sales, overall sentiment, and other factors.

According to the graph, PlayStation peaked when the PS5 launched in 2020, and it has been running at a consistently high level ever since. Meanwhile, Sony suggests that Nintendo’s interest is plateauing, which makes sense because the Switch is more than six years old. Elsewhere, Xbox gained some momentum with the release of the Xbox Series X|S, but the brand continues to trend down from Nintendo and its aging hardware.

PlayStation Brand Momentum

It might not be the most in-depth analysis we’ve seen, but at least from where we’re sitting, it feels like a fairly accurate representation of where the big three are right now. With Sony predicting further growth on the back of the PS5’s popularity, it will be interesting to see if it revisits this type of graphic in future reports.

Where do you think PlayStation is going as a brand? Is there much to worry about from the competition? Be an armchair analyst in the comments section below.


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