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Poll: Are you happy with your PS Plus games for September 2022?



Sony blindsided us this week by announcing all the games for PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium at the same time. As such, this month’s PS Plus Poll A big one

Let’s start with the essential selection, which, as usual, consists of three games. We’ve got the delightful indie tome on PS5, the dazzling Need for Speed ​​Heat on PS4, and the excellent PS4 fighter Granblue Fantasy Vs. Not the most explosive line up we’ve seen, but you have to admit there’s some great variety.

Then there is PS Plus Extra, which continues to provide quite impressive value. Highlights include the stylish shooter Deathloop, the highly rated open worlder Assassin’s Creed Origins, the solid Watch Dogs 2, and the massive Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 — a game that still Being updated six years after release.

and what do you know, PS Plus Premium Actually getting new additions for September! PS1’s Siphon Filter 2 infiltrates the service alongside PSP’s Toy Story 3, while The Sly Collection bolsters Premium’s PS3 streaming service.

Foo. So what do you think of the September PS Plus update? Vote in one of our many polls, and then be completely honest in the comments section below.


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