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Poll: Are you playing God of Ragnarok’s new game Plus?



For me the new game and enjoyment depends on how it is implemented.
Obviously we all want to get most of our gear and progress forward but for me the big problem with how New Game Plus is implemented is that the increased difficulty just equates to you taking more damage and the enemy taking less damage. are doing and so it really comes from the challenge of them being sponges.

I prefer when New Game Plus is implemented in a way where enemy locations are different or even enemy types that are in areas with more difficult enemy types / variants earlier in the game and things like that. . It really feels new when it’s done this way. Especially if they throw in bonuses like new abilities or skills or armor that aren’t colored reskins of stuff you already use.

Obviously God of War didn’t do that but that’s not really the reason many people won’t be picking up the game again so soon. This is because it is a very narrative driven game that relies heavily on that first playthrough to wow it feels like an interactive movie type experience.

Once you get a taste of it I mean there’s not much else in the game that you’ll want to experience again if you’ve already done essentially everything there was to do in the first playthrough and the actual Seeing all of the fighting in have to offer
I mean some people might like to be able to level up their gloves or their blade pommel to another level but I don’t think it’s necessarily worth it to a lot of people in this type of game design. Not when it’s just the spongier enemies but the exact same story with a lot of walking and a lot of talking to introduce a story that has already seen and was poorly paced in person.


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