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Poll: Are you playing Trail to Azure?



The second game in Falcom’s ‘Crossbell’ duology has finally been officially released in the West, and current fans will know what a big deal it is. Trails to Azure is the explosive sequel to Trails from Zero, and these two titles jump directly into the Trails of Cold Steel series. What a time to be alive!

If you’re a fan of more traditional Japanese RPGs, we can’t recommend Trails for Azure highly enough. Along with its predecessor, you’ve got one of the most interesting role-playing sagas in (relatively) modern gaming.

In fact, we gave this sequel a rare and impressive 9/10 among us Trails to Azure PS4 review, praising its characters, storytelling, and the way it enriches the aforementioned Cold Steel arc. “In terms of impressive plot points, Azure is up there with the best trail titles – a twisting, turning, gripping RPG that really should be considered a classic,” we wrote.


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