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Poll: Have you bought Evil West?



We doubt Evil West was on many people’s must-buy lists at the start of this year, but the unashamedly ‘AA’ action game has really made a splash – at least in hardcore circles.

We gave our ridiculously awful title a rock solid 7/10 Evil West PS5 review, concluding: “Evil West is one of those really fun 7/10s. It’s never going to win any awards and it probably won’t stay long in the memory, but give it a few years and someone, somewhere, will get you would swear. That it really is an underappreciated classic.” you know Absolutely The kind of game we’re talking about.

For some, we like to think that Evil West will be a palate cleanser, after recent blockbusters like God of War Ragnarok. It’s just insanely fun from start to finish, and that can be refreshing in an age of overly serious titles.

But have you answered the vampire-slaying call? Vote in our poll, and then grab a crossbow in the comments section below.


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