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Poll: What review score would you give Gotham Knights?



Now that the dust has somewhat settled on Gotham Knights after a very interesting release period, it’s time for you to share what review score you’d give it. Assuming you’ve at least played its opening hours, how are you feeling about Open Worlder a week after launch? brand new push square The poll is designed to sample that exact question.

As a reminder, we gave the game a 7/10, concluding: “What Warner Bros. Games Montreal has here is a great story with top-notch cutscene direction and a fun combat system, with plenty of unnecessary and confusing The mechanics are over the top. If you can look past them, this is a really great game. We recommend doing your best to do so; you’ll get a compelling narrative on the other side.”

We shared appreciation for its great story, fun combat system, fun detective mechanics, and good cooperative integration among us. Gotham Knights PS5 review. But what do you think? Do you agree with our assessment? Think it’s good or bad? Assign a review score in the poll below and then expand on your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget that your rating will be filtered into ours Best PS5 Games lists, meaning it can appear on a related list if it gets a high enough score.


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