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Popular PC shooter Pavlov was treated to VR at PSVR2 launch



Firewall Ultra looks like it will have some competition in the FPS space PSVR2 As Vankrup Games has announced that the most popular VR shooter on PC will be ported to Sony’s headset on the same day it launches: 22 February 2023. If the trailer above is anything to go by, Pavlov VR also looks like a very interesting shooter.

You’ll be teaming up with friends to take down zombies, then go back in time to World War II, and then back to the present for some military conflict. All in a day’s work, right? “Drive a T-34 tank and communicate with your gunner to eliminate a group of Axis soldiers. Use your sharp wrinkly mind and powers of logic to find the bad actors in a twisted murder mystery style game called TTT. Or, you just clone yourself as a traffic cone and hide behind a warehouse storage shelf; it’s up to you.”

Pavlov VR has it all, but are you interested in playing it on launch day? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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