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Preview: Is Like Dragon: Isshin’s Journey to the West worth the wait on PS5, PS4?



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It’s as ancient as a Dragon: Isshin’s background, but there was a time when Yakuza fans had to fight tooth and nail for Yakuza games like Kazuma Kiryu. Back in 2014 when Yakuza Ishin released for PS4 as a Japanese exclusive launch title, PlayStation’s third-party publicist Gio Corsi was hard at work “building the list”. The initiative raised cash to help Sony release several fan-requested games, of which Yakuza 5 was one. SEGA, seemingly disinterested in the series after disappointing sales, had given up on everything. And then something extraordinary happened: the franchise took off.

This brings us to the present day, where almost a decade later, Ishin is getting a modern remake and an overseas release. This isn’t the first historical yakuza, of course – Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan There’s an earlier one on the PS3 – but its story stands alone, and works beautifully as a period drama featuring familiar faces from across the spectrum of the franchise’s catalogue. This means fan favorites like the aforementioned Kiryu, Majima and Akiyama are all present – ​​but they’re pantomiming as real people from the Bakumatsu period, with the plot loosely retelling the stories of real-world samurai, Sakamoto Ryoma and Saito Hajime. recites

Like a Dragon Yakuza Ishin PS5 PS4 preview hands on 7

Renowned developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio strikes a smart balance here: it’s really interesting to see so many recognizable faces reprise their roles in new roles, but the fan service aspect doesn’t take a backseat to the historically influenced drama on display. move away We were lucky enough to play a good chunk of the plot from the third chapter, which effectively sees Ryoma – masquerading as Hajime – infiltrate the Shinsengumi, a clan famous for the Battle of the Tenen Rishin that had taken his father’s life. As you’d expect from a Yakuza title, each cutscene is bursting with testosterone and Freudian brows, and there’s clearly more than enough setup for the studio to bend into its trademark twists.

Of course, if you’re familiar with the Japanese original, you’ll already know what’s in store, as it seems to blur the lines between remaster and remake. While the game is completely rebuilt in the original engine, we referenced a YouTube video of the chapter we played, and the cutscenes were identical. However, running at 60 frames-per-second on modern hardware, it almost doesn’t feel like a decade-old experience; It’s not going to compete with any of the first-party Sony titles in the budget department, but it’s a pretty decent outing with distinct art direction and silky smooth performance.

Like a Dragon Yakuza Ishin PS5 PS4 preview hands on 8

Many of the modern Yakuza bells-and-whistles are present and accounted for, such as the seamless transition between exploration and combat, which, like Yakuza 0, is fueled by four styles. We spent most of our demo using the standard samurai stance, which naturally sees you using a sword, but the tried and trusted melee combat from previous games is also an option. The remaining two types include a long-range pistol type and a combination of weapons and melee, which we just couldn’t wrap our heads around. Based on our demo, we were disappointed with the heat move finishers, as there seemed to be a real lack of variety – although browsing the skill tree, it looks like this aspect could develop with more play.

In fact, if there’s one concern we have right now it’s that Like a Dragon: Isshin, given its origins, appears to be based in a more archaic style of yakuza gameplay. Yes, there are contemporary ModCons as mentioned above, but being faithful to the 2014 original, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d not only “been there, done that”, but also that the series had moved on. Don’t get us wrong, it’s refreshing to return to a traditional beat-’em-up loop after the previous title’s boldness with turn-based skirmishes, but something about the action feels stuck in the past — and not just because of the delay. Edo backdrop


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