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Preview: PS5 survival game Pacific Drive will make you fall for its exposed station wagon



Developer Ironwood Studio really wants you to form a bond with the car. This is the main takeaway from the hands-off presentation of Pacific Drive, a run-based survival game. It’s just you and a battered American station wagon inside the Olympic Exclusion Zone, a mysterious part of the Pacific Northwest teeming with paranormal occurrences.

The performance showed us two sides of this unique title. Played entirely from a first-person perspective, you’ll move from your garage into the exclusion zone, aiming to find parts and resources in the wilderness. Once you return, you’ll use all your loot to repair, upgrade, and craft new tools so you can delve deeper into your strange surroundings.

You plot a course before you set off, with all routes leading to a certain type of energy that allows you to open a portal and return to the garage. Out on the road (or lack of road if you’re feeling adventurous), you’ll need to keep your head down. There will be plenty of wrecked vehicles and buildings you can find that will offer some valuable resources, but the Olympic Exclusion Zone is full of threats. Strange anomalies such as creatures that drag your car around, strange weather conditions, and earthen columns erupting from the ground are trying to complete your ride.

Hopefully, you came with some supplies that you can use to make some quick repairs, or top up your fuel. You’ll need to get out and keep your car in good shape if you have any hope of making it back to the garage unscathed. Once you find the energy that opens the drain, things pick up a bit; A shrinking circle will form on your satellite display, and if you leave that zone, you’re in for a particularly bumpy ride.

You’ll either make it to the exit or you won’t, and if you don’t, you’ll lose some of the resources you’ve accumulated. Either way, you’ll be back at base. This is your chance to make repairs, install better parts, build new equipment, and make useful supplies. That’s more or less the game — it’s all about building your car so you can explore new biomes and get better parts so you can improve your car, and so it goes on.


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