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Preview: Sonic Superstars hands Blue Blur a hot streak



Sonic Superstars is fun to play, and that’s something this writer rarely – if ever – associates with the SEGA series. Two actions playable on Summer Game Fest Play Days revealed a fun return to the side-scrolling days after 2022’s well-loved 3D entry Sonic Frontiers, proving that the blue blur has got something to do, even if it’s moving fast.

However, if you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of how Sonic’s latest 2D effort stacks up against the likes of Sonic Mania, we recommend looking elsewhere. There’s no deep-dive comparison, as this writer has little in the way of meaningful experience with the franchise. When an email about an unannounced Sonic the Hedgehog game lands in your inbox, though, you should take a chance.

As Geoff Keighley’s confirmation trailer revealed in his Summer Game Fest livestream, we’re heading back into the 2D space after Sonic’s best 3D game in years, however, our findings don’t suggest that it’s in quality. indicates decline. Far from it. Featuring completely new levels, it’s a spin on the SEGA Mega Drive classics that meets the need for speed, detailed level design, fun mechanics, and new features. The roughly 15-minute demo featured the first two acts of the PS5, PS4 title, with four playable characters to choose from: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. All come with their own unique skills, providing a reason to return after completing a level.


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