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PS Plus essential PS5, PS4 games for April 2023 announced



Of course, we already knew that Meet Your Maker would be part of next month’s PS Plus Essentials lineup, which was confirmed a few weeks ago. You can think about it Super Mario Maker Meets DOOM. From the studio behind Dead by Daylight, you’ll create your own levels and protect a resource called GenMat. Other real-life players will try to steal it from your base when you try and take it from them. We plan to have a PS5 review ready for you soon.

As for Sackboy: A Big Adventure, we all remember it as the charming 3D platformer available at the launch of the PS5. With creative levels and an amazing soundtrack to boot, this will be a fun 10 or so hour experience that anyone can enjoy on the base tier of PS Plus. Our PS5 review reads: “A lot of love has been put into Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and as such it’s hard not to love it back. It’s a fantastic platformer with lots of imaginative ideas and a strong sense of style.”


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