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PS Plus Essentials PS5, PS4 April Game Revealed Early



Sony isn’t following its usual schedule with these quirky PS Plus announcements, but that’s okay. The platform holder has just unveiled one of the PS Plus Essential Monthly Games for April 2023, and it’s an interesting indie game making its debut on the subscription service.

Meet Your Maker was announced a while ago — it’s a first-person shooter of two parts. First, you can create gruesome death traps to tempt aggressive players trying to steal your treasure. Second, you can try to improve other players’ creations, avoiding any obstacles in your path and escaping with your prize.

You’ll get the gist from the trailer above, but there’s also a little more info PS blog. It certainly looks like a novel idea, giving users the tools to create unique levels and then challenging them to beat others’ creations.

If you’re subscribed to PS Plus Essential or higher, you’ll be able to give it a spin as part of April’s monthly games lineup, which will be available on April 4. Sony will announce the rest of the monthly games in a few weeks.

Are you excited to try out Meet Your Maker on PS5 and PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.


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