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PS Plus Extra: Sony is always trying to add and refresh the catalog



Sony’s indies promoter Shuhei Yoshida said the company is always on the lookout for ways to add and expand its catalog PS Plus Extra, as the more expensive level continues to rise since its inception earlier in the year. The executive explained that the platform holder viewed the library of content available in its closed subscription. PS nowand worked to add new games that it can “wholeheartedly” recommend.

According to Yoshida, it includes about 100 indie games – with more to come. “When you go up there are great, great indie games available PS Plus essential To PS Plus Extra,” he said, and you can confirm by referring to us All PS Plus games List “PS Plus is really good value for the extra money. We’re always trying to add or refresh the catalog so people can discover new titles or games they haven’t had a chance to play.

Yoshida also touched PS Plus Premium, explaining that it’s more about cloud streaming and classic games. He was particularly impressed to see App Escape, a PS1 game on which he served as producer, among those promoted for the service’s launch. But when asked specifically about Stray, and whether more indie games will be released directly under Sony’s subscription, he explained that the firm is more focused on generating long-tail revenue for the titles.


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