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PS Plus, Game Pass subscription growth has completely stopped in the United States



Data from USA Sales Tracker Sarcana It is noted that subscription costs in April 2023 increased by only two percent year-on-year. While it represents something Growth shows how the business model is starting to reach saturation – at least, until something significant changes. Sony has consistently hit a limit with its subscriptions PS PlusThat often tops out at around 50 million members, although the Japanese giant has successfully increased the average revenue earned per user. PS Plus Extra And PS Plus Premium. Microsoft, meanwhile, has not provided any updates on the game pass Total customer in some time.

Obviously that doesn’t mean gaming subscriptions are going away: they’re now an important corner of the market, and will continue to be a tidy earner for platform holders like Sony and Microsoft. But it’s clear that, at least at this point, they’re not the disruptors they were originally meant to be. the analyst Matt Piscatella notes that, despite holding back subscriptions, traditional full-price game sales are doing very well – particularly at digital storefronts such as PS Storewhich is generally preferred to brick-and-mortar these days.



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