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PS Plus Premium Classic Pinball Heroes Has Trophies, And It’s An Easy Platinum



with PS Plus Premium, a handful of games in the classic catalog have been retrofitted with trophies – a nice addition that gives these old adventures a modern kick. The latest old school title to get trophy support is Pinball Heroes, a PSP collection featuring tables based on various PlayStation properties.

Trophy list can be seen on sites like PSNProfiles, and if you are a trophy hunter, you might want to check this game out. The trophies are pretty simple to get, making this one of the easiest platinums we’ve seen after all that shoveling nonsense.

All you need to do is play each pinball table at least once, beat all of their preset high-scores, and do a few other arbitrary things. These included tilting the table 10 times, hitting both flippers simultaneously 50 times, plunging a ball 50 times, and bouncing the ball off the flipper without flipping five times. that’s it.


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