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PS Plus subscribers in Spain get a bonus game this month



There is something you may not know about PS Plus Customers in Spain – in all levels – receive the odd bonus game from time to time. These titles are usually part of PS talent program, which helps local developers to publish their software PS Store. And this time it’s no different: way down — which will be free exclusively in Spain until December 6, 2022 — is a release about hacking the Bank of Spain.

As we understand it, the title is loosely connected to a similarly themed Spanish film, which launched in theaters late last year. To be honest, the Metacritic So the reviews – and there are only two at the time of typing – aren’t exactly stellar, so you’re not missing out on much if you can’t claim it. However, if you’re Spanish, you can also add it to your game collection – it costs nothing to do so.

Remember, you can find a list All PS Plus games through the link.


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