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PS Stars Guide: All Campaigns and Walkthroughs (June 2023)



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PS Starsor PlayStation StarsThere is a free loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 that enables you to earn PS Store Credits, free games, and Digital collectibles. If you a PS Plus Customers, then you will earn extra points based on each one PS Store Buy what you do.

in the meantime PS Star GuideWe are going to explain All campaigns and solutions and outlines All rewards and how to get them. Please note that, while this page is always accurate, our best efforts have been made to ensure that, PS Stars is a developing program so some details are subject to change. Additionally, there may be regional differences depending on where you live.

PS Stars Guide: All Campaigns and Solutions

In this part of us PS Star GuideWe are going to present All campaigns and solutions. Campaigns are time-limited objectives that can often be completed in exchange for rewards digit or Digital collectibles. Tasks can take on a variety of roles, including playing a specific game, using a specific feature, or even participating in a tournament.

Below we have included a list of All campaigns and solutions Currently available in PS Stars. Where applicable, you can click on a specific campaign name for more information on how to resolve it:

campaign description reward End date
Your PS Plus monthly games New month, new PS Plus monthly games. Try one of this month’s games for some points. June 5, 2023
Relax with PlayStation Warm blanket? check Soft electricity? check Hot drink? check It’s time for a relaxing game. Come and relax with us by starting any of the relaxing games below to get your collection. June 6, 2023
Battle of the Month Club The first rule of Fight of the Month Club is win. The second rule is to stand up, stretch, take a deep breath, and now go back to winning. Play any of the games below to claim your prize. June 7, 2023
A league of your own Step on the pitch and listen to that crowd – they’re here for you. Compete in any of these popular sports titles and wave your collectible high. You’ve earned it. June 14, 2023
Multiplayer mayhem It’s time to throw down and take the crown. Play one of these online multiplayer games and score some points in the process. June 14, 2023
Hard Game Club: Devil May Cry 5

Can you beat Devil May Cry 5 on Dante Must Die difficulty? Players call it “a nightmare” and say it “beats me” and “makes me hate playing”. In other words, you’ve got it.

  • April Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
June 15, 2023
Hard Game Club: Dead Cells Tick ​​tock — it’s time to take down the time keeper. Dodge his brutal hook and slash moves, dodge his shuriken and clear his clock. His time is up. OK, we’re done with words.

  • Earn the Blade Master trophy in Dead Cells (PS5, PS4).
  • May Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
June 18, 2023
June check-in Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Even if you don’t have a dragon boat to race, celebrate with us by grabbing rice dumplings and playing some games!

  • Play any game on PS4 or PS5 for fortune and your collection.
June 30, 2023
PlayStation VR2 Showtime Ready for a new reality? These PlayStation VR2 games have thrilled and chilled us, and we think you’ll love them too. Play one of these games to earn your points. June 30, 2023
June PS5 Monthly Picks Games we’re enjoying, and think you will too. Buy one of them for a point boost! June 30, 2023
PlayStation and Shu Play any of the games below to celebrate our leading independent creators on PlayStation and their longtime champion — and newest BAFTA Fellow — Shuhei Yoshida. June 30, 2023
Stand against the darkness Continue Cal’s adventure as a Jedi Knight and fight to protect the galaxy. July 1, 2023
Survival of the fittest It’s battle royale time! Get on the battle bus and make sure you’re the last one standing. Join any of the Battle Royale games below to get your collection. Will you be the last one standing? July 5, 2023
Press Play/1997 Launch games matching these c.1997 songs (can be found in the Plus catalog). An ‘x’ indicates two songs which, when combined, indicate the game. Launch each game to get your collection. July 24, 2023
Hard Game Club: Dead Space One rescue, one life and many necromorphs. Load up that plasma cutter and survive impossible mode to make us whole again.
  • June Balloon | Hard Game Club 2023
August 15, 2023

PS Star Guide: Rewards

For this section of us PS Star GuideWe are going to focus on reward. As you continue to interact with Sony’s loyalty scheme, you will collect digit which can be exchanged for prizes. These prizes include: PS Store Credits, free games, and Digital collectibles. You can earn digit By completing campaigns and buying games from PS Store When you a PS Plus member

PS Stars Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

For our final section PS Star Guide, we will answer any lingering questions you may have about Sony’s loyalty scheme. It includes topics such as how to join, how much it costs, and how to get it digit.

This concludes our conclusion PS Star Guide For now, however, we are committed to keeping this page up-to-date with all the latest information about Sony’s loyalty scheme. Feel free to check back regularly for updates on campaigns, digital collectibles, and prizes. And if you want to know more about the program, let us know in the comment section below.


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