PS1 T-Rex PlayStation 1

Few moments in gaming history are more iconic than seeing the PS1’s legendary T-Rex tech demo for the first time. It’s such a signature scene that Astro’s Playroom even parodied it for its epic final boss battle! It makes sense, then, that Dinosaur is being added to Sony’s new loyalty scheme as a digital collection. PS Stars.

Available today, October 1, in Asia – with more global locations scheduled for later in the month – a new campaign called October Check-In rewards you with a T-Rex figurine to play with. anyone PS5 or PS4 game. The synopsis reads: “A scientifically accurate mini figurine of the tech demo T. rex from the original PlayStation.” Interestingly, it appears to be holding Sly Cooper’s staff.

While you’ll be able to view the digital collection within the PS app on your smartphone for now, it looks like Sony plans to integrate the feature into the PS5 console at a later date. Are you enjoying all these special offers that Sony is rolling out as part of its loyalty program? Embrace your inner enthusiast in the comments section below.

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