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PS5 empowers PlayStation to record financial results



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Sony is just stable Stock of PS5 As it stands, it will be incredibly buoyed by the brand’s overall performance in the quarter ending December 31. In addition to shipping 7.1 million new-gen systems, the firm enjoyed a 53.3 percent increase in revenue year-over-year, increasing revenue to ¥1,246.5 billion (~$8.79 billion). This is a record for the Japanese giant, and the industry as a whole.

Margins could probably be adjusted further, but with a profit of ¥116.2 billion (~$820 million), it also set a new operating income record for the division. Sales were primarily boosted by an increase in hardware units, though once again PS Store Purchases such as digital downloads and microtransactions continued to represent the bulk of PlayStation’s business, accounting for 51% of its revenue.

In terms of install base, stock issues mean the PS5 still trails the PS4 by around 5.6 million units in its lifetime at this point, but Sony intends to ship another 5.2 million new-gen consoles in the current quarter. accomplishes its goals. This means the PS5 could very well be closing in on 40 million units shipped by the end of March.

All in all, it paints a very pretty picture for the PlayStation right now. The fact that it is performing so well, the stock is only recovering and PSVR2 Still to launch, it’s a warning of how big 2023 could be for the manufacturer. Assuming the PS5 hardware revision launches later this year as rumored, expect it to set more records moving forward.


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