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PS5 exclusive GhostWire Tokyo is coming to Xbox, according to wall art in the Bethesda office



Former PS5 console exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo has been revealed to be coming to Xbox platforms, not by an industry insider or datamine, but by a stunning piece of wall art in the Bethesda Softworks London office, of all things.

Twitter users Clobaril Picked up on the detail after displaying it at Workplace Design Company area’s website, and while it has been removed, you can see it for yourself below. The artwork lists the platforms the game is available for, including the Xbox Series X/S, which has never been formally announced.

Considering Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, you probably won’t hear the most shocking news all day, but you really have to appreciate the sheer audacity of such a strange jewel, doubly so when you also quietly change Deathloop. have done

We weren’t particularly impressed with GhostWire Tokyo when it launched back in March (surprising to think it was released this year), and for our full thoughts on the matter, check out our in-depth review .

What do you think about Ghostware Tokyo coming to Xbox consoles and the way this information has been revealed? Get your demons out in the comments section below.


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