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PS5 exclusives will take at least a year to launch on PC



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Sony won’t shut up about PCs and smartphones, and PS Studios boss Herman Hulst has been discussing how to push its release strategy forward. Specifically, he mentioned that there would be “at least a year” between its single-player titles launching on PS5 and PC, but in some cases its Live Service titles – of which 12 are in development – days- And there will be dates. .

“I think going forward we’ll see at least a year between releases on our platform, the PlayStation and PC platforms – with the possible exception of Live Service games,” he explained. French journalist Julien Cheese. “Live service games are a little different in nature because you want strong community and strong engagement. So we can, in terms of our live service games, go day and night with the PC and PlayStation platforms.

While none of this is particularly surprising, it will continue to be a divisive strategy among PlayStation enthusiasts. Sony is claiming that it can get a bigger return on its investment and actually grow its brands by releasing on PC, while others argue that it is undermining the importance of its own ecosystem. which has historically been sold on the strength of its exclusivity.


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