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PS5 fans anticipate unwanted teases in a new ad campaign from Sony



Unwanted 2 PS3

Just when the Drake family thought it could take a well-earned rest, PlayStation fans saw what looked like a tease for a new unwanted game. As part of the new PS5 Live campaign from Sony, several PS5 exclusives (Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7, for example) have been given the spotlight in the form of a news channel. Events compatible with what happens in those titles. However, one is not immediately recognisable, and some enthusiasts believe it may be a tease for an unwanted 5.

43 seconds into the ad, a woman is seen walking through a cave holding a lit torch. She is then seen a short while later blowing sand off an artifact. Between the two very brief clips, titles like Tsushima’s Ghost, Fate, and Stray are highlighted. Given Sony’s strong ties to its PlayStation studios, some think the ad is teasing a fifth mainline Uncharted game, with the female protagonist possibly Nathan Drake’s daughter Cassie.

Since third-party titles like The Callisto Protocol and Final Fantasy XVI also appear in the ad, it’s possible that the game could be Tomb Raider, with a new entry coming in the future. However, if it’s going to be anything, Uncharted seems like the most likely bet.

Is this really a real tease from Sony, though? Naughty Dog recently stated that it has moved on from the Unwanted series as it considers a third The Last of You game. “For us, Uncharted was very successful — Uncharted 4 was one of our best-selling games — and we’re able to put our final brushstrokes on that story and say we’re done. We’ve moved on. Stay,” said in an interview with Neil Druckman Buzzfeed.

A few years ago, there was speculation that a new Uncharted game was coming from the team at Sony San Diego, meaning that Naughty Dog had handed the franchise over to a different in-house studio. However, there hasn’t been any fresh news or rumors on that front for a long time now. As such, it seems like a stretch to say that Sony is actively teasing a new Uncharted game through its new live to PS5 advertising campaign. However, given the fact that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was popular enough to be played by 37 million people, it would be a little surprising if Sony wanted to continue the series with a different developer.

what do you say Do you think the few seconds in the PS5 ad from Live is actually an unwanted tease, or are people just grasping at straws? Share your analysis in the comments below.


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