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PS5 performance patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor out now



Respawn Entertainment today deployed a new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor patch aimed at improving performance on the PS5. It’s available to download now, with a 1.081GB update, updating the game to version 1.0000.005.

While the previous update was all about bug fixing, today’s is much more focused on performance. The patch notes highlight “various performance fixes” as well as “stability improvements” across the board. There are other bug fixes along with performance improvements, but making the game better is what this new update aims to do. The developer says more patches are on the way as it works to improve “your overall experience with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.”

Below you will find the full patch notes for Patch 5 of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PS5.

  • Various performance fixes.
  • stability improvements.
  • More robust discovery of pre-order and deluxe content in the game, preventing players from just randomly accessing content.
  • Various collision and navigation fixes to prevent issues where characters get stuck out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where Draya Thorne would become invincible.
  • Music-related fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Bod would not catch the Senator during some New Game+ playthroughs.
  • Fix for a bug where the screeton wouldn’t show up correctly.
  • Fix for Dagon not appearing correctly in the cinematic.
  • Fixed some rare situations where players were unable to progress through the game even after reloading.
  • Fix for a bug where Goroko would disappear in the middle of battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Cal would get stuck in a certain blaster state if he died while in it.
  • Fix a bug where BD-1 would not be able to open the door.
  • Fix useless tear interactions not working properly.
  • Fix trying to load corrupted save games sometimes leaving you in the main menu. It will now properly attempt to load your backup save.
  • Improved UX for Koboh Mater turrets that players couldn’t get out of before.
  • Fix for Ranker and Mogu not correctly leaving Cal’s XP behind when he respawns.
  • Fix a bug where the skill menu would not close properly.
  • Better sync for sound during one of the cinematics.
  • Fix environment not loading correctly on Koboh after Cal respawns.


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