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PS5, two weeks ahead of PS4 release, Tin Hearts goes exclusive on Switch



Image: Push square

Promising puzzle adventure Teen Hearts was confirmed and scheduled for release on April 20 for both PS5 and PS4, but in a twist we don’t think we’ve ever seen this close to launch before, the title Now signed up by Nintendo. Timed switch special. This means that players on other platforms will have to wait until May 16 to play the game, including on PlayStation consoles.

An odd statement from publisher Wired Productions’ Leo Zullo begins, “It’s getting harder and harder to launch games, sometimes it’s worth mixing things up.” “With the love shown by Nintendo and Nintendo fans, it made sense to give those players a chance to experience a wholesome Teen Hearts experience — especially first. Zelda comes and takes over.”

Tin Hearts PS5 PS4 PlayStation 5 Delayed Sony 2
The game’s original PlayStation release date trailer is from a few months ago

Developer Rogue Suns’ Kostas Zarifis made a similarly odd comment: “After winning ‘Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game.’ gamescom Last year we wanted to celebrate all the love we’ve been getting from the Nintendo community and this special launch felt like a great way to do that.”

Couldn’t the team celebrate with the Nintendo community And Still released on other platforms as planned? Look, we know how it works, and apparently some checks have been cleared – we don’t think we’ve ever seen them fall. This First close to launch. Oh well, rearrange your calendars, folks – May 16th it is!


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